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Hair Transplant Bodrum VS England

Hair transplant clinic bodrum : one of the most popular aesthetic procedures in recent years, is widely performed in our country. For the procedure, many potential patients from abroad come here, to Turkey, as it stands out with its experiences and achievements in this field.

Although hair transplantation is a procedure that is mostly applied to men in today’s world, it is often preferred by women too. Hair transplant bodrum can be expressed as obviating hair loss and solving the problem permanently. Hair transplant operation can be defined as a micro-surgical operation performed in a hospital environment for patients suffering from hair loss. People who experience hair loss feel a decrease in their self-confidence and may experience some problems in their social lives. Thus, people with hair loss resort to micro-surgical operations, in other words hair transplantation. The procedure is planned individually and applied according to the plan.

Hair transplantation, with its general definition, is a procedure that involves transplanting hair follicles taken from the nape of people with hair loss and baldness problems to the problematic areas. The hair follicles selected should be healthy and strong roots that do not show the possibility of shedding. Hair transplantation can also be preferred by people with hair loss and thinning.

Even though hair transplant microsurgery is an easy operation, it must be performed by specialist and/or experienced doctors in a hospital environment. Hair transplantation procedures performed in a hospital and/or an approved clinic are the most reliable methods of application. The purpose of hair transplantation is to make the hair permanent by giving it naturalness in a way that the transplantation is not obvious.

Why Does Your Haır Fall Out? | Hair Transplant Clinic Bodrum

There are many reasons for hair loss. The main reason for hair loss is related to genetic coding, which is also the most common cause. Apart from genetic coding, environmental factors are also effective in hair loss.

Environmental factors that cause hair loss include seasonal changes, stress, iron deficiency, hormonal disorders, old age, and many other illnesses. A healthy scalp contains an average of 100,000 hairs. Therefore, many of the hair loss scenarios can be considered normal.

When the duration of hair loss is up till 2 months, there is generally nothing that should make you worried. However recurring hair loss for more than 2 months per year can be a sign of some serious diseases. When this period is exceeded, it is absolutely necessary to get help under the control of an expert. Hair loss can be divided into categories according to the cause and gender.

Categories of Hair Loss | Hair Transplant Clinic Bodrum

  • Male Type of Hair Loss:

It is called “Androgenetic hair loss” as it occurs with the effect of androgens on a genetic basis. It is seen in approximately half of men and 25% of women. It causes hair thinning and shedding. Unfortunately, treatment of it can take years.

  • Thyroid Hormones-Induced Hair Loss:

When thyroid gland is underactive, the medical problem called hypothyroidism occurs, which ignites hair loss.

  • Stress-Induced Hair Loss:

Due to intense work life and all the hustle and bustle of city increase people’s stress levels dramatically and sometimes, it causes hair loss.

  • Hair Loss Caused by Vitamin Deficiency:

Zinc, biotin, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and folic acid deficiency might also cause hair loss.

  • Alopecia Type Hair Loss:

Popularly known as “ringworm”, Alopecia areata is a frequently observed disease, which causes hair loss, that can be characterized by one or a few rounds, completely balding areas of different diameters.

  • Cariosity-Induced Hair Loss:

When there is an infection in teeth cavities, it is often observed that this has an effect on hair loss.

  • Hair Loss In Women and Men:

Women doesn’t experience hair loss in comparison with men. It’s because the enzyme 5 alpha reductase, which causes hair loss, is found more in men than in women.

Whereas hair loss in women tend to be triggered mostly by genetical factors. Also, beside genetical factors, anaemia, iron deficiency, hormonal disorders, thyroideal diseases, pregnancy, post-partum effects, breast-feeding and menopause stages might also cause hair loss.

What To Do If You Have Hair Loss? | Hair Transplant Clinic Bodrum

hair transplant clinic bodrum
Hair Transplant Clinic Bodrum

It is very important to make a correct diagnosis in hair loss. So, first of all, it is necessary to learn the causes of hair loss and the types of shedding. After the necessary controls done under the control of the specialist, the factors leading to shedding are determined and the appropriate treatment method is started.

People with hair loss problems should not use hair care products that could possibly damage their hair and scalp. They need to switch to a regular and rich diet. Moreover, as vitamin deficiency may also cause hair loss, certain vitamins that are good and important for hair growing should be taken in the diet.

There are various methods to prevent and cure hair loss such as drug therapy, hair mesotherapy, PRP hair treatment and hair transplantation. Hair transplantation procedures in Turkey have been improved a lot and have gained worldwide fame. It is frequently preferred by patients throughout the world. Moreover, as they offer convenient and high-quality services, specifically clinics and hospitals in Turkey are preferred for the procedure a lot too.

Hair Transplant Clinic Bodrum : England vs. Turkey

With the development of health tourism, the place of hair transplantation in this sector has increased considerably. Hair transplant pricing varies greatly from country to country.  People of course search for the best price-performance experience. In this regard, Turkey provides an advantage to patients considering hair transplantation. Hair Transplant Clinic Bodrum

There are many factors affecting hair transplant prices such as rapidly increasing supply and demand in hair transplantation, techniques and devices that are being used, as new devices and techniques are developed in due course. Also, experience of surgeons and specialists in the field is also crucial. The more they are experienced the more they are likely to succeed, and thus, their pricing is likely to be higher. Hair Transplant Clinic Bodrum

Turkey is a world-leading country in health tourism. It is in the first place in the field of hair transplantation. It hosts thousands of tourists in the field of hair transplantation, especially from Europe and the Middle East. Although England is a good option for hair transplantation, which offers good services and help patients leave with good experiences, the procedure prices are quite high. Therefore, tourists/patients from Europe and the Middle East seeking for hair transplantation treatment prefer Turkey more often, as it gives confidence in the field of health.

Europeans constitute 50 percent of the number of patients/tourists coming to Turkey especially for hair transplant clinic bodrum. Procedure prices and extra payments for a decent clinic/hospital in England faze people. Hence, Turkey ranks first in the field of hair transplant bodrum with affordable prices and service quality compared to the UK.