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Contacts ; Hair Transplant Bodrum
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Hair Transplant BodrumHair Transplant TurkeyMicro Fue Turkey

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WhatsApp & Phone : +90 554 893 64 79

For free online consultation please send your photos through WhatsApp

Contacts ; Hair Transplant Bodrum

Contacts ; Hair Transplant Bodrum
Contacts ; Hair Transplant Bodrum


We value all our customers and will take care before and after the operation. Your operation will be performed in hospital, which has the JCI USA and Turkish Ministry of Health accreditation, and professional about hair transplantation.


In fact, the success of hair transplant operations and reasonable prices are leading to the preference of hair transplant operations in Turkey. There is no hidden cost. Price including surgery PRP, hat, medicines, also hospital return transfer, 2 night hotel stay and return airport transfer. Hair Transplant Turkey

Micro Fue Turkey Hair Transplant & Plastic Surgery
Hair Transplant Turkey
Hair Transplant Turkey
Micro Fue Turkey , which has been engaged in the partner hospital business , provides service in various cities through out , with 15 hospitals, 2 hospital complexes, and 2 medical centres and in total 19 service centres and over 9.000 personnel.
Micro Fue Turkey is the partner of the Largest Hospital Group and it has highest number of accreditations as well as a Gold Standard Accreditation from the American JCI.

We carry on our leading characteristic in bringing the majority of society together with the qualified healthcare services in the technologically equipped facilities, without making any concession on code of medical ethics and with respecting the patient rights.

Micro Fue Turkey Hair transplant & Plastic Surgery

Service works with high experienced stuffs and team. Over 8.000 satisfactory results with FUE method of Hair Transplantation and Over 9.000 Plastic Surgery Operations (Breast Implant, Rhinoplasty, Fat Transfer, Tummy tuck, Liposuction). We carry out hair transplantation with the FUE technique and in one session we transplant up to 4000-5000 grafts on average.

Hair Loss in Men

Hair loss has become an issue that is disputed and seeks solutions constantly.

Hair loss problem adversely affect individuals as it makes them feel that they have lost their charm and appeal and age prematurely. As it is an important psychological problem, it damages person’s self-confidence.

Although there are many different ways to deal with this problem, the hair loss problem can be controlled and prevented only by the way of hair mesotherapy and RPR treatment at an early age.

The most commonly seen factor for hair loss in men is genetics and family predisposition.

Besides, instant hair loss due to stress, environmental factors, medications and nutritional habits also play a role.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is responsible for hair loss. It has been observed that this hormone has increased activity in the area where hair falls out.
Hair at the back of the neck and on the sides is not affected by DHT and it is genetically programmed not to fall out. They remain where they are for life.
If you suffer from hair loss problem and want to protect your personal look, you should take action immediately.

Hair transplantation can be applied in case of full hair loss in men.

In case of light and moderate hair loss, only 1 session of hair transplantation will resume density and coverage.
In case of advanced hair loss, only 1 session of hair transplantation will help the individual get rid of hairless appearance and will offer a better look. If the individual wants all hairless areas to be covered and density to be increased, then 2-3 sessions of hair transplantation will be required.

Hair Loss in Women

Reasons for Hair Loss in Women
Genetics factors constitute a substantial part of hair loss problems.
Hormonal Imbalance
Weakening and thinned hair issues observed in women can be attributable to hormonal balances and hormone treatments. Contraceptives may also cause hair loss.
Thyroid Disease
Overactive and under performance of thyroid gland that leads to hormonal imbalance may cause hair loss as well. Hair Transplant Turkey Bodrum
Iron Deficiency
Iron deficiency anaemia may result from heavy menstrual bleeding.
Iron deficiency is the most important factor that is responsible for weak hair and hair loss in women.
Malnutrition and Stress
Malnutrition is also responsible for hair loss. Unconscious diets, insufficient intake of vitamins, proteins and minerals are substantial factors as well.

Contacts ; Hair Transplant Bodrum